Our family moved to Clermont several years ago from New Mexico shortly after the birth of our second child. For me, it was a homecoming. The move was a return to my family and many childhood friends. It has also been an opportunity to grow my business anew and become a part of making memories for all of the wonderful people I’ve been privileged to photograph since my return to central Florida. One of the challenges of moving across the country, of course, has been establishing a presence as a newcomer within the established community of professionals. For me, the answer to this test has been to fuse all my interests and loves, (design, photography, family, etc.), into one concept. Throughout my career as a photographer, in fact, well before my academic education in photography, antique cars attracted me as a subject. Visits to car shows, rusty old heaps in barns or, wrecks rotting away in country pastures always provided a tangible nostalgia and an endless inspiration for image making. The search began with Craigslist then eBay and many auto sales websites to find a vintage American van. CL came through with a Dodge nearby. When my friend and I went to look at it I saw the emblem of its origin, Albuquerque, NM. Suddenly, this van felt like a poor stray dog that had followed me home. I knew it was meant to be. That day we welcomed Ringo, a 1968 Dodge A108 cargo van into our family and VanSnapCo was born.